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Treating Hyperthyroidism with Methimazole

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Methimazole is a prescription drug used to treat hyperthyroidism, condition in which an overactive thyroid gland produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormones (too much thyroid hormone). Methimazole is used to treat and reduce the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism as well as feline hyperthyroidism (cats with hyperthyroidism). MD Custom RX can custom compound Methimazole for each individual patient.

Methimazole Compounding for Hyperthyroidism Thyroid Therapy

As every patient is different and each hyperthyroidism diagnosis differs, MD Custom RX can help meet unique individual needs for thyroid therapy through customized Methimazole compounds. Patients can have a better response to a customized Methimazole dosage form, as it is compounded specifically to what the doctor ordered. MD Custom RX can change the strength of Methimazole (for mild to severe conditions), alter its form for easier ingestion, or add flavor to make it more tolerable. MD Custom RX customized compounding can provide unique dosages and delivery devices of Methimazole in forms of solutions, oral rinses, and even as transdermal gels for your hyperthyroidism patients.

Veterinary Compounding of Methimazole- Treatment for Feline Hyperthyroidism

Methimazole is the most common treatment for Feline Hyperthyroidism as it is the inexpensive alternative to surgery and radiation. As Methimazole is a human drug readily available only in tablet form, it can be hard to administer to pets. At veterinarian request, MD Custom RX can custom compound Methimazole into a variety of easy to administer forms from orally administered tuna flavored liquid to transdermal gel absorbed into the skin. Have your veterinarian request a transdermal gel Methimazole compound from MD Custom RX and never again have to fight with or trick your cat into taking medicine. Just simply rub the transdermal gel medicine into the hairless inner ear of your beloved cat, who will think it’s getting petted not medicated. MD Custom RX can prepare your Methimazole veterinary compound into an endless option of flavors like chicken, liver, beef, tuna, cheese, and more for easy administration.

MD Custom RX prescription compounding in just what the doctor ordered. Partner with MD Custom RX and provide your hyperthyroidism patients with a unique Methimazole compound custom formulated to meet each individual need.

Call MD Custom Rx in Brookfield at 262.373.1050 for Customized Methimazole Compounding Options.

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