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Custom Compound Creams for Vitiligo Treatment

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Vitiligo is an irregular depigmentation of skin and can occur at any stage during a life. Vitiligo is caused by having low levels of catalase, glutathione peroxidase and reductase in the epidermis combined with high levels of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide destructs the body’s pigment cells (Melanocytes) and a human body is unable to remove hydrogen peroxide. Those who have Vitiligo usually have problems maintaining a calcium balance in their skin. The skin condition can be stressful and provide an extreme amount of self-consciousness to those who are affected by it.


The experts at MD Custom Rx have researched and learned from modern studies which topical treatments are proven to be the most effective in helping with Vitiligo. MD Custom Rx will work with you and your physician in finding the best treatment for your individual needs.

Pseudocatalase Cream for Vitiligo

Pseudocatalase Cream is a topical cream used to help with treatment and relief from Vitiligo while aiding in the reversal of the oxidation damage and helping to inhibit the progression of pigment loss. The cream is UVB-activated containing Calcium Chloride, Manganese Chloride, and Sodium Bicarbonate. Re-pigmentation can typically occur in the first 2-4 months of usage and development of new lesions usually does not occur during treatment. This particular treatment is safe and can be effective. Call MD Custom Rx today at 262.373.1050 and work towards loving your skin.

Topical Phenylalanine for Vitiligo Treatment

Topical Phenylalanine is a topical cream used to help turn over the pigment forming melanocytes which is essential in the initiation of pigmentation. When used with UVA exposure, the topical cream can be effective. A recent study was done showing the effectiveness of compounded phenylalanine 10% gel, 50 or 100mg of oral phenylalanine plus sun exposure. Overall, 90.9% of participants showed an overall improvement. Of the 90.9%, 68.5% achieved an improvement of 75% and higher. The improved results were slightly higher for those participants receiving a UVA lamp light. There were no side effects found in any of the participants making this particular treatment ideal for the face and for children.(1)

Featured Vitiligo Supplements – DL-Phenylalanine – Available from MD Custom Rx

DL-Phenylalanine is a vegetarian dietary supplement used to support pain management and help with proper mood balance. DL-Phenylalanine strengthens the effect of UVA radiation benefiting those with Vitiligo.

Custom Compounded Treatments for Vitiligo from MD Custom Rx

Custom compounded treatments have several benefits. MD Custom Rx will work with your doctor to develop a Vitiligo treatment option suited to your specific needs. If you are affected by Vitiligo don’t suffer any longer, start a treatment plan today.

For the best custom compound solutions, call 262.373.1050 to discuss your options with an experienced pharmacist from MD Custom Rx and your physician today!

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Camacho F., Mazuecos J. Oral and topical L-phenylalanine, clobetasol propionate, and UVA/sunlight–a new study for the treatment of vitiligo. 2002 Sep;

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