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For Providers

At MD Custom Rx, we pride ourselves on fostering personal relationships with the prescribers and patients we serve. Please let us know how we can provide you with the best personalized service. Schedule a time to meet with us.

We appreciate your interest in MD Custom Rx. We do not take it lightly that you trust us to provide your patients with the highest quality compounded preparations. After all, their treatment success is dependent on the quality of the preparation and is a direct reflection of you.

What sets MD Custom Rx apart?

MD Custom Rx is a family owned and operated pharmacy specializing in the provision of compounded prescriptions and the promotion of health and wellness.

The demand for prescription compounding has increased as health care professionals and patients realize that commercially available medications do not always meet the needs of many patients and that these patients may have a better response to a customized medication dosage form that is just what the doctor ordered.

Our compounding professionals can customize medications to fit each individual patient. Not all compounding pharmacies are equal. What sets MD Custom Rx apart from other pharmacies is our commitment to providing the highest possible quality. Our accreditation status is a testament to this commitment. No other pharmacy in Wisconsin has held an accreditation through the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB), a division of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), as we have (accreditation first achieved in 2009).

Not only are we devoted to upholding the highest compounding quality standards, but we are also dedicated to making sure you and your patients get the treatment outcomes desired. The fact that we have thousands of formulations in our database and a team of pharmacists on staff testifies that one size DOES NOT fit all and highlights our devotion to being your Medication Problem Solvers.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce some of our services and to be a resource for you in caring for your patients.

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Find out more about our Physiologic Hormone Restoration Collaboration program for physicians. We help streamline the process for a busy practice or help you get started with prescribing and maintaining a customized hormone regimen for your patients.