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CBD – Anatomy

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CBD supplementation is NOT a fad!  Our bodies require cannabinoids for optimal function!
Did you know that our bodies even produce their own [endo]cannabinoids?!

The hype surround CBD supplementation has definitely died down.  However, the science and facts behind CBD remains unchanged. 

Why does CBD work in the body?
It all starts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  Only discovered over the past few decades, the ECS is our body’s system that strives to maintain harmony, balance, bliss, peace, homeostasis.  In Sanskirt, this feeling of bliss is called Ananda.  It seems quite fitting then, that the very first cannabinoid discovered to be produced by the human body was named cannabinoid anandamide.

The ECS is a significant collection of cell receptors (endocannabinoid receptors) and compounds we produce that attach and influence those receptors (endocannabinoids).  The ECS is present throughout the entire body and plays a crucial role in governing neurotransmission and neuron communication.  Researchers have compiled data on the complexities of the ECS and detailed how it regulates and interacts by communicating with our organ systems.  Due to its ability to respond to changing environments, the ECS is considered an adaptogenic system – an essential part of life that helps the body adapt to an everchanging external and internal environment.  When supported and cared for, the ECS can provide us with health and wellness.  While, conversely, when ignored, we see the proliferation of disease and unbalanced functions.

Endocannabinoid receptors can be influenced by both the cannabinoids produced by our bodies or those present in the plants we call phytocannabinoids – hemp/cannabis being the most abundant source of all.  The endocannabinoids produced within our own bodies are made from lipids and are broken down rapidly by enzymes.  Unfortunately, degradation of our endocannabinoids is rapid and we may not be able to produce sufficient amounts leaving us in a state of deficiency.  Hemp not only provides the dominant phytocannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD), but also supplies a multitude of other important phytocannabinoids that participate in the benefits hemp provides the human body.  One way to achieve this is by consuming full spectrum, CO2 extracted hemp oil from aerial parts – the richest source of phytocannabinoids.  The hemp plant contains over 100+ different phytocannabinoids.  Therefore, full spectrum hemp oils are the most effective as they contain the full family of phytocannabinoids – not just CBD!  And remember, not all CBD products are created equal.

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