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CBD and Female Reproductive Health

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The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a significant collection of cell receptors (endocannabinoid receptors) and compounds we produce that attach and influence those receptors (endocannabinoids). Endocannabinoid receptors are extremely abundant in the female reproductive organs.  They are just as abundant as in the brain.  These endocannabinoid receptors regulate everything from pain, inflammation, pleasure to even the maturation of eggs, embryo implantation, ovulation, menstruation – everything you think of the female reproductive system doing is regulated by endocannabinoids.  Therefore, when it comes to women’s health there are a couple of areas of particular interest that CBD use shows exceptional promise.

Evidence exists supporting the treatment of endometriosis through endocannabinoid receptors. 

  • Cannabinoid agonist exerts antiproliferative effects on deep infiltrating endometriosis (Leconte et. al. 2010). 
  • The EndoCannabinoidSystem (ECS) “contributes to mechanisms underlying both the peripheral innervation of the abnormal growths and the pain associated with endometriosis,” (Dmitrieva et. al., 2010). 
  • Increased cannabinoid signaling may reduce proliferative capacity of endometriotic lesions (DiBiasio et. al. 2013). 
  • The ECS provides a novel therapeutic opportunity for pain management due to endometriosis (Bouaziz et. al. 2017). 

Taking this science into consideration, Ananda Professionals launched a study in January 2021 through the University of Australia Newcastle with Dr. Pradeep Tanwar.  This is a placebo-controlled study utilizing pioneering technology of human organoids.  The key outcomes are CBD’s effects on pelvic pain, inflammation, endometriosis disease progression and underlying mechanism of action.  Interim data is expected June 2021 with project completion by December 2021.

Dr. Tanwar recently released some exciting preliminary results.  Endometriosis cells were cultured from two patients and treated with different concentrations of CBD oil.  The first concentration tried was 250mcg/mL, which resulted in the complete death of endometriotic cells. 150mcg/mL had the same result; as did 100mcg/mL; as did 50mcg/mL.  Dr. Tanwar has gone all the way down to 10mcg/mL, which continues to show efficacy!  This is very exciting, because it was not expected that such an effect would be seen with such little of a dose.  And this is not just looking at pain perception or cellular inflammation – CBD is showing a change in the actual disease itself!

Libido and Sexual Satisfaction
We know that not only do endocannabinoids influence pain and inflammation they also influence pleasure, satisfaction and frankly orgasm.

  • Endocannabinoids regulate sexual function & cannabinoid receptors influence multiple areas of the brain responsible for sexual function (Pfaus, 2009).
  • Cannabinoids influence hormones and neurotransmitters that affect sexual behavior (Lopez, 2010).
  • Masturbation to orgasm releases endogenous cannabinoid (Fuss et. al. 2017).
  • Survey of 373 women found that Cannabinoids before a sexual encounter more than doubled likelihood of satisfactory orgasm and Cannabinoid use resulted in increased libido and decreased pain with sex (Lynn et. al., 2019).

MD Custom Rx is now carrying the exciting new Female Health Products from Ananda Professionals; (1) CBD-Infused Endo Relief Cream for any woman suffering from pelvic pain, both acute and chronic (2) CBD-Infused Flora Balance Gel for any woman seeking vaginal wellness through a natural product (3) BLISS Intimate Oil to help you experience happier, healthier and more powerful intimate moments. Remember, not all CBD is created equal – Ananda Professionals is the best of the best.

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