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Personalized Vitamin Regimen

The vitamin and nutritional supplement industry is incredibly overwhelming and intimidating. How do you know what to take? How much? Is it quality? Is it regulated? Is it safe? Am I wasting my money? Am I missing something important?

It used to be that all the vitamin choices could fit on one shelf. Now they can take up an entire aisle. It’s anybody’s bet if you are getting the right nutritional supplements for your needs. More than likely, you’re not. The pharmacists not only identify the right vitamins for you, but you’ll also find only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements at MD Custom Rx.

Let us help!

Schedule a one-one-one appointment with a pharmacist to review your needs, address your goals, and develop a nutritional supplement plan specific to you utilizing only pharmaceutical grade supplements with proven safety and efficacy profiles.

Our pharmacist team is skilled in assessing current diagnoses and medication regimens to:

  • determine possible medication dependent nutrient deficiencies
  • determine the possibility of simplifying medication and supplement regimens
  • minimize side effect profiles of medication
  • assess appropriateness of dosing
  • recommending supplements to optimize health and physiologic function

Check Out These Success Stories!​

Jane, at the age of 65, was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Jane did not want to take a bisphosphonate as part of her treatment plan for osteoporosis. After meeting with a pharmacist at MD Custom Rx an exercise and nutritional supplement plan was designed specifically for Jane. Over the next 12 months, Jane was committed to the plan. When Jane repeated her bone density scan a year later, her doctor was amazed. Jane had gone from osteoporosis to normal bone density tissue in 1 year. Jane even grew ½ inch in her spine!

John came into the pharmacy with a diagnosis from his doctor of eosinophilic esophagitis. He was not comfortable with the safety profile of the drug prescribed. John consulted with a pharmacist at MD Custom Rx on other alternatives that could help restore the normal functioning of his gastrointestinal tract. After 6 months of following a plan designed to support normal functioning of his stomach and esophagus, John’s symptoms of acid reflux had reduced from multiple daily occurrences to now just a couple of times per week. Further adjustments were made to John’s diet and supplement regimen, and he was able to eliminate his heartburn completely. At John’s 12-month follow-up appointment with his physician, his test report came back that he no longer had eosinophilic esophagitis.

Mary felt confused and overwhelmed. Every supplement she read about sounded like a good idea and over time she had a kitchen cabinet full of supplements that she spent money on but could not stomach taking so many things every day. She met with a pharmacist at MD Custom Rx and a supplement plan was customized to her needs. Her regimen was simplified to 5 necessary supplements, and she gained confidence that what she was spending her money on was high quality and needed. Plus, she now had someone to turn to that could help guide her and inform her as to whether a certain supplement would be a good idea for her to take or not. Mary is no longer wasting her money and she is feeling fabulous!


Life is hectic and we can all benefit from having one less thing to manage. Let us treat you like the V.I.P. you are and manage your supplement regimen for you. No matter how crazy the regimen may be (i.e., this bottle lasts me 6 months, this one I need every 2 weeks, and this once I only need December – May) we will work with you to schedule your needs and set up your supplements to be sent to you when you need them. Plus, we will save you money!

Sign up for our Automatic Refill Program and receive:

  • VIP treatment – you call shots.
    • Change your ship dates whenever you want
    • Add and/or remove supplements whenever you need to
    • Cancel at any time.
  • 20% OFF your supplement purchase. No minimum purchase necessary.

FREE shipping -or- pick your order up instore and receive an additional $5 OFF!