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MD Custom Rx can help bring that spark back into your love life. PART 1 of 3

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Options for Erectile Dysfunction.
bring that spark backValentine’s Day is a day we focus on the love we share with others. It’s unfortunate when difficulties with sexual intimacy put a strain on the relationship; we love and care for this person, but our libido or sexual response is lacking. MD Custom Rx wants you to know that prescription compounding may help you and your partner re-connect.

Sublingual Options for Erectile Dysfunction
Guys, this is for you. Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction? Have you tried oral tablets such as Viagra and Cialis without success? You may have better results with sublingual (which means “under the tongue”) therapies and here’s why:
• Food interferes (particularly fats) with the absorption of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors (drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Zydena, Stendra/Spedra). Therefore, when you take these agents orally you have to be sure to space them apart from food in order to gain the greatest efficacy. Timing with food isn’t a concern with sublingual administration since the drug is absorbed through the tissues of the mouth, it bypasses the gut and with doing so it also bypasses the potential for interacting with foods/fats.
• Fast Onset – Since the drug is immediately absorbed through the tissues of the mouth it starts to work faster because it doesn’t need to travel through the gut and into the body. Sublingual administered PDE5 Inhibitors tend to start working in 10-15 minutes. That means you can dissolve a tablet under your tongue when things start to “heat up” and then be “ready to go.” Sublingual dosing also delivers a much more predictable result, then oral dosing dose. So, you can rest assured that things are going to “work.”
• Less Side Effects – Sublingual PDE5 Inhibitors quickly appear in the circulation and bypass the gut, this means that lower doses are typically more effective than [larger] doses delivered orally/through the gut. Lower doses mean a lesser tendency for potential side effects.
• More cost-effective – Oral PDE5 Inhibitors are expensive and often not covered by insurance. Compounded, sublingual PDE5 Inhibitors run, on average, 20x less than their oral tablet counterparts.

Give MD Custom Rx a call today! Our pharmacists are compounding medicine specialists and can work with you and your healthcare provider to help restore sexual intimacy.

Stay tuned, Part II of this Sexual Wellness blog series will be taking a look at Oxytocin; The Love Hormone!

And have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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