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SophytoPRO Skin Care Products Are Here!

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On average, American Women use 12 personal care products per day, and men, an average of 6. An adult, on average is likely to be exposed to 126 unique chemicals every day from these personal care products. Multiply this by 365 days, and that’s 45,990 unique chemical ingredient exposures on average, per person, per year!

Cosmetics, unfortunately, are the least regulated products under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). For example, the European Union bans over 1400 chemicals from personal care products in Europe, while the United States bans a pitiful 10.

So, what are some of those nasty chemicals?

Let’s take Triclosan for example. Triclosan is a carcinogen that has been shown to cause behavioral problems. Triclosan is the main ACTIVE ingredient in anti-bacterial soaps. Other ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is used in thousands of cosmetic products, as well as industrial cleansers has been shown to be an estrogen mimetic. An estrogen mimetic mimics estrogen in the body, and is a hormone disruptor.

In light of the challenges with many of the skin care products that we use daily, MD Custom Rx has partnered with Ortho Molecular Products, and their new SophytoPRO skin care line. SophytoPRO is a unique, 90%+ organic skin care line designed to achieve professional results from only pure, natural ingredients.

The outer layer of skin is known as the acid mantle, and as the name suggests, it is acidic in nature. The acidity of this layer is roughly the same as a bowl of crushed fresh tomatoes (PH 4.6-5). The skin functions best in this mild acidic state.

Mildly acidic skin does the following:

  • Allows skin to absorb nutrients in skincare
  • Optimizes resident flora
  • Alleviates skin sensitivity
  • Constricts Follicles and reduces pore size
  • Tightens and firms the skin
  • Keeps skin clear of debris
  • Encourages new skin cell turnover

What are some of the factors that affect skin PH?

  • Medications: e.g. Cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • Weather: Too much heat, cold and humidity
  • Water: especially chlorinated, PH7 is too alkaline for optimal skin function
  • Diet: Acid forming foods such as (meat, dairy, sugar, etc.)
  • Cosmetic containing acids: e.g. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), retinoids, and harsh foaming agents
  • Emotional Imbalances: Anxiety, depression, fear, worries, etc., can interfere with the secretion of glands by suppressing or over stimulating them, altering the quality of the acid mantle. Skin looks dull, due to lack of circulating oxygen induced by stress
  • Environment: All pollutants, UV rays are alkaline in nature

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