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Prescription Compounding Solutions to Winter’s Ailments

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Many liquid cough/ cold formulations containing hydrocodone have been removed from the market. MD Custom Rx can keep this viable treatment option available through various compounded preparations for your convenience. For those who have mono, strep throat, tonsillectomies, or just simply can’t swallow pills, MD Custom Rx can make anesthetic lollipops – compounded lollipops that contain a cough suppressant and a cooling anesthetic (such as menthol) can be useful in treating cough and cold symptoms.

Many people traveling by plane for the holidays may want to try the “safe-fly” compound, a compounded cream that is placed in the nostrils before flight containing Tranilast and Deoxy-D-Glucose. Tranilast may reduce the negative feeling often associated with flying (stuffiness, pressure, ear pain, headaches) and Deoxy-D-Glucose is an antiviral and may protect against getting sick.

Those experiencing congestion, asthma, ear infections, or allergies may want to try Xylitol, a treatment for many infectious agents. When exposed to Xylitol, bacteria lose their ability to stay to sinus tissues, allowing the body to easily clear them away. Compounded Xylitol nasal spray aids in the relief of nasal irritation caused by pollutants, allergens, and infections of the nasal passages. An oral Xylitol delivery method, such as a lollipop or oral liquid, is often recommended for patients with chronic ear infections.

During the winter season, some people often complain about joint pain. Oral pain medications sometime cause stomach ailments. MD Custom Rx can compound a variety of anti-inflammatories and pain relievers as trans-dermal therapies as an alternative.

With winter sometimes forcing people to be cooped up indoors, the stomach bug often starts to go around. MD Custom Rx can compound a variety of anti-nausea medications as a trans-dermal cream, which is a great alternative to taking a medication orally while nauseous.

This year don’t let our Wisconsin winter slow you down. To learn more about prescription compounding for Wisconsin winter ailments, call MD Custom Rx in Brookfield at 262.373.1050 or stop in today, convenient location at 190th and Capitol Drive.

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