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Compounded Medicine for Warts

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When traditional over-the-counter treatments don’t work, consider talking to your physician or our pharmacist about customized medications for the treatment of warts. Custom compounded medicine for warts offers a more personalized approach, with a controlled dosage utilizing a combination of active ingredients not available in traditional treatments as an alternative method of removing warts. Dermatologists, podiatrists, and family medicine practitioners are choosing compounding pharmacies like MD Custom RX to prescribe effective medicines for wart removal. MD Custom RX prepares custom compounded wart removal medicines that may contain cimetidine, 5-fluorouracil, cantharidin and squaric acid dibutylester (SADBE).

Cimetidine Custom Compounds

Approved by the FDA for the inhibition of gastric acid secretion, cimetidine may also be used in the treatment for viral warts, mucosal warts, genital warts, and recalcitrant warts. Cimetidine is available by prescription for dermatological treatment of warts, urticaria, and mastocytosis. MD Custom RX can prepare custom compounded Cimetidine to meet each individual patient’s needs. Talk to your doctor to learn if custom compounded medicine for warts is a beneficial wart treatment for you.

One of the most popular compounded wart treatments is a wart cream containing Cimetidine, Ibuprofen, and Deoxy-d-glucose. Patients simply rub a small drop of cream into the freshly-cleaned affected area. Custom compounded Cimetidine combinations may eliminate warts within two to six weeks based on the wart’s size and age.

5-fluorouracil Custom Compounds

Many patients find custom compounded 5-fluorouracil plus salicylic acid to be helpful in treating warts. 5-fluorouracil custom compounds inhibit DNA and RNA synthesis to prevent cell replication and proliferation. While custom compounded 5-fluorouracil plus salicylic acid attacks the wart directly in the skin cell eliminating plantar warts within 12 weeks, its ability to prevent the rise and spread of additional warts is an additional advantage.

Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) Custom Compounds

MD Custom RX can prepare custom compounded DNCB wart medicine delivering the right dosage for you. DNCB causes an allergic reaction similar to a poison ivy rash in most people. When a resistant wart experiences this allergic reaction, the immune system is sometimes tricked into believing the wart does not belong. The allergic immune response results in inflammation warding off the wart-causing virus.

Cantharidin Custom Compounds

Custom compounded Cantharidin is a wart treatment for people who have been unsuccessful with traditional wart removal medicine. Traditional cantharidin wart medicine lifts the wart off the skin by causing the skin beneath the wart to blister. In some patients, custom compounded Cantharidin can deliver a better wart treatment by providing increased dosage control. Often, cantharidin preparations are compounded to also contain salicylic acid and podophyllin. Your physician may perform the application in the office setting. MD Custom RX can prepare custom compounded Cantharidin as prescribed by your doctor.

Squaric Acid Dibutylester Custom Compounding

Squaric acid dibutylester (SADBE) is a medicine for wart removal especially for single or multiple sites with several warts and warts resistant to medical or surgical treatments. SADBE excels in the removal of recurrent warts, multiple warts, recalcitrant warts, mucocutaneous warts, and anogenital warts.

Custom Compounding Medicine for Warts from MD Custom RX

MD Custom RX compounding pharmacy can prepare a customized wart removal medicine to meet each individual patient’s needs for effective wart removal. Talk to your doctor about a custom compounded, controlled-dosage alternative wart removal medicine.

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