Compounding for Podiatry in Wisconsin

Compounding for Podiatry

Anti-Fungal Therapy: Fungal infections of the feet are commonly associated with dry, cracked skin surrounding the plantar surface and heel fissures. Research points to the practicality of using ibuprofen, alone or in combination with azole antifungals. Higher cure rates can be achieved with combining therapy with high concentrations of urea cream, especially when treating areas with significant calluses.

Nail Removal: Urea plasters have been shown to be effective for non-surgical removal of traumatized, dystrophic, or diseased nails. The use of urea plasters can be much less costly, several nails can be treated in one session, and the procedure is essentially painless. Because there is a significant decreased risk of infection or hemorrhage, the procedure is ideal for treating diabetics and others with vascular insufficiency and peripheral neuropathy.

Warts: Customized medications can be compounded for the treatment of warts [i.e. cimetidine, glutaraldehyde, cantharidin, or squaric acid dibutylester (SADBE)], plantar warts (sodium salicylate), and molluscum contagiosum (potassium hydroxide).

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Compounding requires a relationship between the patient, physician and pharmacist, so providing your current physician's name is helpful.