The Knockout Approach to Wound Care: Clovagel Wound Care Base

Clovagel Wound Care Base

MD Custom Rx uses the perfect wound care vehicle which aids in faster wound healing while preventing bacterial growth. This preparation base, Clovagel can help heal even the most obtrusive wounds including refractory leg ulcers or even diabetic foot ulcers. Clovagel is formulated without polyethylene glycol (PEG) creating a wound care treatment highly beneficial for patients with renal impairment, large surface area burns and the elderly.

Clove Oil Uses are Found Effective for Soothing Pain

The Clovagel wound care base is derived from clove oil which has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Clove oil has recently been found highly successful in the treatment of anal fissures. (1)

Clove Oil is extracted from the evergreen clove tree is used for a variety of health benefits.

Clove Oil Benefits:

  • Useful for its disinfecting properties
  • Relieves pain associated with toothaches, arthritis and rheumatism
  • Supports a healthy digestion system
  • Beneficial for skin problems including skin sores and leg ulcers
  • Insect repellent

Clovagel helps maintain moisture in sensitive and damaged skin areas which is found highly supportive for wound healing. (2, 3) Moisture allows for an increase in macrophage and fibroblast activity, re-epithelialization and producing collagen in addition to decreasing the pain.

Wound Care – 2 Preparations, One Result

Clovagel is the preparation base for two different treatments and applied separately, twice daily, one directly to the wound the other applied to the skin that surrounds the wound. Both medications support faster healing for a vast amount of wound types while reducing the chance for infection.

The first preparation assists with stimulating new tissue growth, reducing pain, while preventing bacterial overgrowth. This preparation is applied 2x daily directly to the wound and then covered with a bandage.

Preparation #1 Ingredients

  • Misoprostal-supports advanced wound healing
  • Phenytoin-helps promote granulation (4)
  • Metronidazole-applies an antimicrobial effect (5)
  • Lidocaine-aids in pain relief

The second preparation supports an increase in blood flow to the wound and applied to the skin surrounding the wound 2x daily. Compounded with Nifedipine, the medication helps block calcium from entering the muscle thereby decreasing the vascular toneme and increasing the blood flow. (6)

The combination of these two medications are found most effective with the aid in rapid healing for various wound types. Designed for sensitive and damaged areas, MD Custom Rx’s dual preparations support a quicker road to recovery while relieving pain.

Heal from the Inside Out

In addition to our topical wound care preparations, MD Custom Rx offers nutritional support for healthy wound healing. Offered in 3 different formulations, you’re certain to find the healing support you need.

  1. Metagenics Kaprex-formulated from plant components, this supplement helps support pain relief naturally. Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin K aid in faster and proper healing
  2. Metagenics EC Matrixx--promotes healthy connective tissues through extracellular matrix support
  3. Nutri-Dyn’s Surgical Healing Formula-this supplement prepares the body for surgery by providing proteolytic enzymes, anti-inflammatory nutrients and support for healthy tissue restoration

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