Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

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What you need to know about choosing nutritional supplements

It used to be that all the vitamin choices could fit on one shelf. Now they can take up an entire aisle. It’s anybody’s bet if you are getting the right nutritional supplements for your needs. More than likely, you’re not. The Vitamin Coach not only can identify the right vitamins for you, you’ll also only find the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements at MD Custom Rx.

Standards and procedures for manufacturing over-the-counter vitamins and supplements are often less stringent and they are not required to be tested for content or purity. All of the nutritional supplements at MD Custom Rx are GMP certified, a process which ensures quality control and regulates products to guarantee the concentration of beneficial ingredients. By utilizing only pharmaceutical grade products and the industry’s best manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, MD Custom Rx provides their customers the very best in quality, guaranteed.

Save money on pharmaceutical grade supplements when you order from MD Custom Rx. Our Vitamin Coach is available to answer your questions.

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