Nasal Irrigation Solutions

Introducing a Sinus Health Innovation

Nasal irrigation is used to treat a variety of sinus and nasal symptoms. While these flushing solutions are found most effective in nasal and sinus relief, they do have limitations. Maintaining sterility, stability and dispersibility are all major concerns when using flushing solutions. The amount of each nasal irrigation dosage can be insoluble and unreliable causing an increase in discomfort and a decrease in effectiveness.

The particle size found in your nasal irrigation may also be too large, causing irritation and improper delivery. Bacteria growth becomes an area of concern when utilizing self-administered nasal treatments. Airborne particles are everywhere and when using a nasal irrigation device like the neti pot, exposure to these particles is inevitable. By combining your nasal irrigation treatment with a synergistic antimicrobial activity, this is no longer a concern. MD Custom Rx has performed extensive research on improving the delivery of nasal irrigations and has uncovered the breakthrough product DispersaPro® Powder.

Fagron DispersaPro® Powder Formation Improves Results in the Delivery of Nasal Irrigations

  • Creates a stable, anhydrous dosage form
  • Compatible with most nasal irrigation devices and delivery systems
  • Improves dispersibility and solubility of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), potentially improving absorption performance
  • Allows multi-drug therapy combinations, giving you more power to customize medication, simplify therapy regimens and potentially improve patient compliance
  • Enables an extended beyond-use date consistent with USP guidelines
  • Reduces particle size of API used
  • Offers synergistic antimicrobial activity when combined with an antifungal or antimicrobial
  • Increases activity against biofilms

Whether its allergies, a common cold or dust and dirt exposure, nasal irrigation provides the relief you need by moisturizing the nasal cavity to remove build-up and promote proper cilia functionality. Make certain your nasal irrigation is delivered at maximum levels with our custom compounding solution, The API capsule. The API(s) are combined with DispersaPro® Powder and encapsulated for storage until time of dispersing. The reduced particle size achieved with the use of DispersaPro® can potentially enhance drug delivery to the nasal cavity promoting proper dosage, solubility and overall improving the delivery.

If you are in need of sinus relief, MD Custom Rx offers a variety of natural products which support optimal sinus health. Increase your well-being with the best treatment plan for you and your body using natural support supplements made with the highest possible absorption for the strongest benefit to your health.

MD Custom Rx recommends these Natural Supplements for healthy nasal and sinus passageways:

  • Sinatrol with N-Acetyl Cysteine that breaks down mucus and allows sinuses to drain with thyme leaf and berberine sulfate with anti-fungal properties to reduce sinus infections
  • Natural DHist with Quercetin and Stinging Nettles Leaf have natural anti-histamine properties that may prevent allergy symptoms. This regime is most effective when started 4 – 6 weeks before allergy season.
  • Wobenzym PS is professional strength to improve immune response and lower inflammation important in reducing sinus pain and allergy discomfort

For additional information on the best natural nasal health support, rely on MD Custom Rx the trusted pharmacy of Wisconsin health care providers who offer natural and effective health solutions.

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