Multiple Sclerosis Medication Options in Wisconsin

Multiple Sclerosis Medication Options in Wisconsin

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system, resulting in degradation of the myelin sheaths surrounding nerves. Loss of muscle coordination, fatigue, speech difficulties, vision degradation, loss of bladder control, and other debilitating effects are common. With over 10,000 people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in Wisconsin, and no cure for this disease, spreading the word about alternative treatment methods which can mitigate the effects of MS is extremely important in helping thousands of people live with increased independence and vitality.

There are several alternative multiple sclerosis medications which have proven to benefit many people. These drugs have not received their due share of medical research money and attention because they were in use long before their efficacy in treating multiple sclerosis was discovered. Because they are not patentable, there is little funding available to run long term studies. However, thousands of people across the country, many of them patrons of our Milwaukee Wisconsin area compounding pharmacies have seen reductions in their MS symptoms as a result of these drugs.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Low Dose Naltrexone is a drug which helps to balance immune system functioning, mitigating the attacks of the immune system on the myelin sheaths which cause MS. People taking low dose naltrexone for multiple sclerosis have experienced increased mobility, vitality, and other improvements in quality of life. Visit our LDN page for more information about low dose naltrexone treatment in Wisconsin.

Every Multiple Sclerosis Patient is Unique

At MD Custom Rx, we realize every multiple sclerosis patient is unique and will respond differently to different treatments. Low Dose Naltrexone has been effective for many Wisconsin multiple sclerosis patients, but it is not the only MS treatment method we have available. MD Custom Rx will work with you and your doctor to find the optimal MS treatment for YOU.

Discuss multiple sclerosis therapies with our pharmacists to help determine the optimal treatment for you.

Compounding requires a relationship between the patient, physician and pharmacist, so providing your current physician's name is helpful.