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What are Ortho Molecular Supplements?

Ortho MolecularOrtho Molecular is committed to delivering the finest quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. Ortho Molecular has over a 20 year reputation for efficacious formulations and uncompromised manufacturing processes. Due to our hectic lifestyles, exposure to toxins and poor nutrient quality of our foods it is safe to say everybody could benefit from pharmaceutical grade supplement support. View the different Ortho Molecular product groups below to discover the Ortho Molecular supplement you would like to consider taking. In addition, schedule an appointment either in person or by phone with The Vitamin Coach for a one-on-one assessment on what your supplement needs may be.

What are Pure Encapsulations Supplements?

Pure EncapsulationsPure Encapsulations is committed to producing the most complete line of science-based nutritional supplements. Products contain absolutely no hidden fillers, coatings, artificial colors or other excipients that would disrupt or diminish the bioavailability of the ingredients. Additionally, formulas are free of wheat, gluten, preservatives and hydrogenated oils.

What are Readisorb Supplements?

ReadisorbReadisorb’s liposome technology is patented. The unique structure of liposomes allows them to encapsulate biologically active ingredients. The liposomes in Readisorb’s products are very stable, which allows use in an oral drink or an oral spray. Liposomes penetrate mucosal tissues allowing for rapid release into the bloodstream. Nutrients that are not in liposomes have to pass through the stomach to reach the liver where they are metabolized and released into the bloodstream. Some nutrients are destroyed or compromised by stomach acids. Liposomes avoid the digestive system.

What are Vita Sciences Supplements?

Vita SciencesVita Sciences strives to serve by transforming the promise of science into products that have the power to restore health. Vita Sciences is a leading nutraceutical company in the biosupplementation industry. Vita Sciences pioneered the development of novel products based on advanced in formulation and molecular biology.

What are Nutrition Dynamics Supplements?

Nutrition DynamicsThe mission at Nutrition Dynamics is to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements and education to healthcare professionals so that they can optimize the health of their patients and increase the quality of life.

What are Metagenics Supplements?

MetagenicsMetagenics stands above the crowd with the largest scientific staff and technologically advanced research facilities in the industry. They have changed the product development model to deliver truly nutrigenomic medical foods and nutraceuticals that offer a higher degree of safety, effectiveness, and reliability. Metagenics devotes the resources to verify ingredient safety, ensure proper ingredient form/identity, and test for purity and quality at multiple steps.

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