Natural Solutions to Allergies

Most allergy products cause side effects because they force your body to function in a way that is not natural.

Come and learn about NATURAL SOLUTIONS!

Natural solutions build an effective defense against allergies; helping the body achieve long-term control.

Wednesday, June 6th
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Precision Nutrition: The Future is Now

With Cathleen Chevigny, CHHC and Dr. Dan Zatarski, PharmD

Within your DNA is a roadmap to achieving optimal health and wellness.

We now have the ability to provide specialized nutrition support based on an individual's genetic makeup.

Wednesday, Jun 20th
6:30pm – 8:00pm


THE KETO DIET: Get the help you need to meet your goals.

Nutritional ketosis, in which the body burns fat rather than sugar for fuel, is a powerful approach to radically improving health that’s achieved by eating a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein diet. MD Custom Rx is now offering ongoing Keto Diet classes in order to give you the tools you need to be successful with the Ketogenic lifestyle. These Topics will be offered continuously at 8:30AM, 12PM and 6PM time slots and require a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 attendees. Sign up today for a class and time best suited for you. Cost is $25 per person per class.

Topic 1: What Keto Is & Why you Want In On The Party

The Keto Diet Small Group Meeting Schedule:

Thursday May 3rd 12PM
Wednesday May 30th 8:30AM
Tuesday June 19th 6PM
Thursday July 12th 12PM
Wednesday August 15th 8:30AM

Topic 2: Keto At & Away From Home: Buying Groceries, Eating Out, And Traveling

Tuesday May 15th 6PM
Thursday May 31st 12PM
Wednesday June 20th 8:30AM
Tuesday July 24th 6PM
Thursday August 16th 12PM

Topic 3: Troubleshooting

Wednesday May 16th 8:30AM
Tuesday June 5th 6PM
Thursday June 21st 12PM
Wednesday July 25th 8:30AM
Tuesday August 28th 6PM

Topic 4: What to Eat, What not to Eat.

Tuesday May 1st 6PM
Thursday May 17th 12PM
Wednesday June 6th 8:30AM
Tuesday July 10th 6PM
Thursday July 26th 12PM
Wednesday August 29th 8:30AM

Topic 5: Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

Wednesday May 2nd 8:30AM
Tuesday May 29th 6PM
Thursday June 7th 12PM
Wednesday July 11th 8:30AM
Tuesday August 14th 6PM
Thursday August 30th 12PM