Support for Healthy Hormone Metabolism from your Compounding Pharmacy

Accurate Testing for Hormone Metabolites

The ability to metabolize hormones properly varies with each individual. Healthy hormone metabolism may be affected by nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) altering the activity of the body’s enzymes. Your enzyme activity along with the genetic individuality and the ability or inability to metabolize hormones will vary. These reasons alone are why MD Custom Rx recommends hormone metabolism testing. Understanding and acknowledging your hormone levels is the first step in supporting healthy hormone metabolism.

Hormone Metabolite Testing in the Privacy of your Own Home

MD Custom Rx now provides dried urine testing for a variety of hormone metabolites. We utilize a 24-hour urine test kit which consists of 4 urine strips and collected throughout the day (2 morning samples, 1 early evening and 1 before bed). The test allows you to accumulate samples from home eliminating the dreadful hassle of having to transport your urine. Once all 4 strips are completed, the kit can be sent to the lab. You’re your sample is received by the laboratory results can be expected within 5 business days.

The dried urine tests which MD Custom Rx utilizes, are the most effective method for testing hormone metabolites. When accurately performed, dried urine testing is the best option in examining risk developments for hormone metabolites including:

  • Estrogen Metabolism: A healthy estrogen metabolism can decrease the risk for estrogen-sensitive cancers including breast cancer.
  • Progesterone Metabolism: Healthy progesterone metabolism supports healthy estrogen levels and balances a variety of other hormones.
  • Androgen Metabolism (testosterone): Healthy androgen metabolism is crucial for strengthening structural tissues like muscles, bone and skin while increasing neurotransmitter levels. Androgen deficiency can be a risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and other various diseases.
  • Cortisol Metabolism: Healthy cortisol metabolites regulate glucose, protein, fatty acids, immune cells, inflammation, blood vessels, blood pressure and maintenance of connective tissues.

Dried Urine Testing vs. Standard Urine Tests for Hormone Metabolite Testing

  • Dried urine strips do not require handling, measurement or freezing of liquid urine (1)
  • Steroids and metabolites are exceptionally stable in dried urine for weeks at room temperature (1)
  • Dried urine strips provide an increase in flexibility in the entire process from collecting to storage (1)
  • Dried urine tests consider the hydration status of the patient, thereby providing test results which are accurate even when urine is very concentrated or diluted (1)

Support Healthy Hormone Metabolism Today

MD Custom Rx has a variety of custom formulated supplements to help support hormone metabolism. These supplements offer and promote an increase in overall health while supporting healthy hormone levels. Healthy hormone levels may decrease your risk for hormone related diseases.

  1. Ortho Molecular's CDG EstroDIM - Combination of Calcium D- Glucarate, Indole-3-Carbinol and Diindolylmethane which collaborate to shift estrogen metabolism towards the direction of 2-hydroxylation-safer estrogen metabolism.
  2. Ortho Molecular's Methyl CpG – Contains a combination of methyl donors and co-factors, which support methylation of estrogen metabolites. Methylation is a key protective pathway for inactivating 4-hydroxyestrogens, preventing them from damaging DNA.
  3. DaVinci Laboratories' Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto may help to reduce the production of 5alpha-DHT to help support healthy androgen metabolism.

CALL 262.373.1050 today! Our hormone metabolite specialists will tell you more about hormone testing options and information regarding our hormone support supplements.

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