Collaborative BHRT Prescribing Program

Collaborative BHRT Prescribing Program

As the top compounding pharmacy, MD Custom Rx can offer a BHRT (Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) partnership to increase efficiency for you and your patients. Health and wellness providers can now work directly with our compounding pharmacist to produce the right patient hormone treatment plan. We understand the complexity of providing an accurate and efficient hormone treatment plan. MD Custom Rx strives to simplify this process for BHRT providers by eliminating the need for multiple sources.

We are excited to help you grow your practice and care for your patients. We encourage you to complete the form below or call 262.373.1050 to speak with a pharmacist about how we can streamline prescribing BHRT for your patients.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with MD Custom Rx on BHRT prescribing. We look forward to working with you.

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Compounding requires a relationship between the patient, physician and pharmacist, so providing your current physician's name is helpful.