Adrenal Dysfunction

Adrenal Dysfunction

Adrenal dysfunction is a condition which is often related to the hectic, stressful pace of modern life. Constant exposure to emotional stressors - financial, occupational, marital - as well as physical ones - sleep deprivation, caffeine consumption, extreme exercise - leads to an elevation of adrenal hormone levels. Long term elevation of adrenal hormone production sometimes results in an impaired ability in the adrenal glands to respond to stressors, which reduces adrenal hormone output. The resulting decrease in adrenal hormones, often referred to as "adrenal burnout" or "adrenal fatigue" produces a variety of symptoms including chronic fatigue, allergies, insomnia, and other debilitating effects.

Symptoms of Low Adrenal Hormone Output:

  • Morning and/or evening fatigue
  • Increased susceptibility to infection
  • Poor recovery from disease
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Unstable blood sugar
  • "burned out" feeling
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Apathy
  • Depressed mood
  • Low sex drive

A simple saliva test can be used to diagnose adrenal fatigue. After MD Custom Rx has your test results, we will work with your doctor to design an Adrenal Recovery Kit (ARK) specifically tailored to balance your adrenal hormonal levels and get your life back to normal. Your adrenal recovery kit will include information about lifestyle changes which can help adrenal hormone balancing, glycemic balancing dietary supplements , as well as possible herbal remedies, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy options.

Chronic Stress and Adrenal Dysfunction

When a stressful situation arises, the body responds with the release of hormones such as cortisol to help us adapt with the issue. In cases of Chronic Stress, the body is continually responding to these stressful situations and the frequent need of cortisol becomes immense. Cortisol raises blood sugar and blood pressure. Chronic Stress disrupts the adrenal gland’s regular release of cortisol. Chronic Stress can lead to Adrenal Dysfunction, where the adrenal gland can no longer produce the body’s needed amount of cortisol. Without cortisol the body is unable to help us adapt to these constant stressors which can lead to more serious health issues such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, or PTSD.

Treatments for Adrenal Dysfunction

There are several medicated and non-medicated treatment options for Adrenal Dysfunction. Treatment of Adrenal Dysfunction can be as simple as basic lifestyle changes to avoid stressful situations or help reduce stress such as taking part in daily yoga or meditation, following a regular sleep-wake cycle, or even just handing off stressful responsibilities. While these non-medicated treatments are not always fitting for every case, medicated treatments are also available. Adrenal Dysfunction can be treated with low doses of hydrocortisone, DHEA, or other hormones.

Compounds for Adrenal Dysfunction Treatments

MD Custom Rx Specializes in customized medications to meet specific patient needs. Our compounding pharmacists can prepare customized doses of DHEA or Hydrocortisone and other hormones to treat adrenal dysfunction, as well as recommend quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, customized doses for adrenal dysfunction treatment offer excellent results for each individual.

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