About MD Custom Rx

Wisconsin Compounding Pharmacy for Custom Prescriptions

MD Custom Rx is an independent, family owned, Milwaukee area compounding pharmacy that differs from traditional pharmacies in that we do not dispense commercially manufactured pharmaceuticals. At MD Custom Rx, all prescriptions are custom-made for patients based on physician orders. The pharmacy is stocked with raw pharmaceutical grade ingredients used in the preparation of medications for medical conditions, skin conditions, dental treatments, veterinary medicine and pediatric care. Unique equipment such as an ointment mill, powder blender, electronic balance, encapsulation machine, powder containment hood, and incubators are used by Monica Zatarski, PharmD and our professional staff to prepare custom prescriptions.

Custom Prescriptions that Work

The types of prescriptions compounded by our staff are endless. They include topical pain gels for neuropathy, topical gels for nausea, capsules and tablets for arthritis and inflammation, suppositories for infertility, just to name a few. Compounded prescriptions for animals are also prepared at MD Custom Rx - have your vet contact us for custom prescriptions that will be just for your pet.

Hormone Balance Consultations

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Monica consults with patients and physicians on issues involving symptoms of hormone imbalance. Based on test results and physician orders, Monica and her staff prepare compounded prescriptions using bio-identical hormones. She has worked with hundreds of female and male patients and their physicians to help them reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with menopause, peri-menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and andropause. Her consultations are by appointment. MD Custom Rx is the only pharmacy of its type in Wisconsin. Monica encourages patients and physicians to consult with her on issues pertaining to medication and therapy challenges.

What Makes MD Custom Rx Unique?

  • Devoted to customized prescription compounding
  • Meet USP <795> requirements
  • Modern equipment and advanced training allows us to ensure a quality preparation
  • On-site bio-identical hormone specialist
  • Offering It's All About Balance: A Hormone Consultation Program
  • Carry Pharmaceutical Grade and Whole Food Nutritional Supplements
    • Ortho Molecular
    • Metagenics
    • Nutrition Dynamics
    • Pure Encapsulation
    • Neuroscience
    • Douglas Labs
    • Standard Process
  • Work closely with patient and physicians to meet individual needs

Pharmaceutical Equipment That We Use

  • Electronic Balances with Printers
  • Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer
  • Powder Containment Hood
  • Jaansun 100 & 300 count capsules machines
  • Ointment Mill
  • Incubators
  • Suppositories Molds, including the Rectal Rocket
  • Lollipop Mold
  • Troche Molds
  • Electronic Mortar and Pestle

What to Look For In A Compounding Facility

We are committed to our patients’ safety and meet or exceed USP <795> regulations (for non-sterile preparations).

Here is a list of important questions you should be prepared to discuss with the pharmacist:

  • Do you follow USP <795>? - The pharmacist should know what you are talking about and feel comfortable answering this question.
  • Does each preparation have its own identifying lot number? – Lot numbers serve as a means of tracking how a preparation was made and what was used to make the preparation in case a raw ingredient ever needs to be recalled or if a problem should arise with your prescription.
  • Does the pharmacy keep Certificates of Analysis on file for all raw ingredients used in prescription compounding - Certificates of Analysis guarantee the potency and water content of raw ingredients. This is important in ensuring the correct weight needed to make your prescription.
  • How does the pharmacy guarantee correct weights of raw ingredients? - For example at MD Custom Rx we have a printer, which is connected to our balance. The weight of each chemical is then printed and attached to the corresponding log sheet. This way we can always verify that the prescription was correctly compounded.
  • Does the pharmacy keep and follow updated Standard Operating Procedures? - USP <795> requires that the pharmacy write and update Standard Operating Procedures on how every function is performed in the pharmacy.
  • Does the pharmacy have scheduled testing performed on all compounded preparations? - Outside potency testing ensures that policies, procedures, and personnel are capable of producing a quality product.
  • What professional compounding organizations do you belong to? - Support from professional compounding organizations offers important information on legal issues and can offer insight on stability, compatibility, and medical evidence for compounded formulations.
  • What continuing education avenues are pursued for advancement in prescription compounding - Compounding education is and should be endless. It is important to ensue that personnel are up-to-date with chemical manipulation and compatibility.