To request a prescription refill call 262.373.1050, or submit an online request using the form below. Please enter the prescription number(s) you wish to refill at this time. This number is located on your prescription label. Since your compounded medication is made just for you, please allow two business days for us to prepare your medication.

Are you out of refills?

If you are out of refills, we will fax your doctor to request additional fills for your medication. This can take time, as most doctors are unable to respond to these requests the same day. In order to make sure that you do not run out of your prescription while we are obtaining your refill request, it is helpful to contact us a few days earlier than normal to ensure your doctor has time to get back to us.

Would you like to add Nutritional Supplements to your order?

You can list your nutritional supplements along with your prescription refills. Remember you can save 10% on supplement orders up to $75 and 20% on supplement orders over $75! Receive free shipping on you order over $75 in supplements.

Prescription Refills Terms and Conditions

This site allows you to request a refill of a prescription originally dispensed by MD Custom Rx and which has refills remaining and can be refilled by law. Your request for a prescription refill will be transmitted to MD Custom Rx. Once MD Custom Rx has received the request it will be handled in the same manner as all refill requests, at all times being subject to the dispensing pharmacist's professional judgement and responsibilities.

By entering the prescription information, you have consented to a pharmacist having access to your personal health information. If you are requesting a refill for another person, your entering their prescription number and birth date is deemed evidence of your authority to request such prescription refill.

The information provided by you on this website is the minimum amount of personal information necessary to identify the prescription and the patient and to process the refill request. In order to properly dispense a prescription and for the patient's health and safety, the pharmacy or the patient may have to contact the physician (or the prescribing professional) to discuss the refill request and the patient's medication history and medical conditions. In the course of such discussions the patient's personal health information may be disclosed/discussed. The receipt of a refill request shall be deemed consent to such disclosure and use of the patient's personal information.

Please note that as with all technologies, there may be interruptions or technical failures. MD Custom Rx expressly denies any liability for technical failures, incomplete, scrambled or delayed transmissions and/or technical inaccuracies.

MD Custom Rx requires a minimum of two business days in order to have the time and resources to properly prepare your compounded prescription to the highest possible quality.

MD Custom Rx requires that valid payment is received prior to preparing your customized medication(s). By providing MD Custom Rx with secure credit card payment information through this site, you are in turn authorizing MD Custom Rx to process all pertinent charges on the provided card.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions also signifies your acknowledgement that dispensed prescriptions are not returnable by law.

At all times, please consult your MD Custom Rx Pharmacist with any questions or concerns.